Wednesday, 17 October 2012

More Fun with Fabric

Ever since I heard about people using their Cricuts to cut fabric I've been meaning to give it a try - but just never got around to it.

What a shame!

I confess that part of what was holding me back was a niggling concern that it would be one of those things that other people make look easy - but it isn't. But it is!!!

Just iron on the adhesive reinforcement stuff (I used Heat n Bond Ultra - it came highly recommended during my research, apparently Heat n Bond Lite works as well - but needs some sewing to be permanent), peel off the back paper, place it on  your sticky mat and cut!

My experimenting resulted in this banner. Very pretty I think --  even if I did put the fabric pattern on upside down for a a couple of pieces.

The fabrics are from a bundle I bought last summer - full of lovely red and green patterns.

I see many banners in my Christmas decorating this year!