Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Cricut Flowers

This summer Gen and I had a lot of fun playing with a couple of new Cricut cartridges -- Flower Shoppe and Giant Flowers.

It started when I was inspired by a card Mel Heaton had on her blog.  I liked it so much I recreated it pretty much as it was - just different papers and sentiment.

And that began the obsession.  Gen and I started with Flower Shoppe.  We chose a few pieces of paper that we thought would work well together and then using the Cricut Craft Room added random flower shapes to cut.

We inked and embossed the shapes and then started layering them - and pretty soon we had this.  

We added sentiments and backgrounds to make a few cards.

I particularly like this birthday card Gen did for her friend Harriet.

Gen took some of the flowers home for her room and the others sit ready for any card/flower emergency.  A couple were used over the summer for birthday cards that I forgot to photograph!

Using Giant Flowers we made these -errrrr  - giant flowers!! The rose (which is the smallest) is about 15 inches wide.

We cut all the pieces using plain white paper and then inked, sprayed and misted to give them some colour before assembling.

You can of course make smaller versions of these but we decided to 'go big' for our first outing.  The flowers  have decorated my bookcase and really brightened up this grey rainy English summer.

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  1. Soo these flowers are fabulous and gives so much dimension to the cards. Wishing you a fab Thursday.
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