Thursday, 24 January 2013

It's so much fun!

Whenever I start to think that I have no room in my heart, mind or house(!) for another craft obsession one comes along.  And invariably it requires new tools, and supplies and ....  and my latest obsession is no different.

If you had asked me a couple of weeks ago if I had any interest in machine embroidery I would have pondered a second and said 'no'.  But ask me today -- and I'd tell you I can't get enough of it!

My impression of machine embroidery a couple of weeks ago was that it was sort of flowery stuff on towels - and of course it can be - but there is a whole world of designs out there.

They cover pretty much everything you can imagine - and a few things you probably couldn't!

My machine has a simple editing programme that lets me design and edit my own stuff - so I can feed my word crafting obsession in stitching!

Really the possibilities are endless.

Initially I was embroidering anything on any piece of scrap fabric I could get my hands on.  I learned a lot through that (and I'll write a post with my 'tips for beginners' soon) and decided it was time to do something 'real' so I bought a few plain white tea towels and came up with a couple of designs for my friend the Caked Crusader.

I was really pleased with how they turned out.

Learning to correctly position and line up the designs took a bit of research but I think I did pretty well for a beginner!

And today I stitched 3 'Love to'  designs - documenting in thread my obsessions.  I was delighted when I remembered a spare frame I've had hanging around for ages!

I'm considering restitching the designs in different colours (I'm not sure about the green in the Knit design) - but have it hanging in my craft area for now.


  1. I love my tea towels - I don't have the heart to use them they're so lovely!
    Your framed piece at the bottom is incredible - it came out so smart!

  2. I think your embroideries(?)are amazing Soo, especially your "Love To" picture, do you mind me asking which machine you've got, not that I can afford one but you never know when the lottery numbers will come up!

    Julie x

  3. you are very clever and I don't know which of those wonderful examples I like best!


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