Tuesday, 30 August 2011

When an Old Obsession Meets a Blossoming One

You may recall that at the QVC Craft Event  I didn't visit the beading make and take stations and decided that was 'just as well' as I didn't need ANOTHER craft hobby?

Didn't work.

My friend the Caked Crusader (the best cake blog in the universe)(really)(don't visit if you're hungry) pointed out some really sweet yarn ball earrings and as a lifetime knitter I decided to have a go at making myself (and her) a pair.

They were reasonably successful, but not quite as tidy or professional looking as the originals.  (There are also really sweet necklaces and other knitterly jewellery bits and pieces on the site.)

Inspired by the mini needles and little balls of yarn I found myself making these.

And I fear a new obsession has been born....

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  1. I still can't fathom how you did such tiny knitting. Yet again, I am in awe....


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