Tuesday, 12 April 2011

A Birthday Card for Dad

My father turned 78 last week and I wanted to make a special card from him -- and luckily I had my lovely new Cricut Imagine to help me out!

As this was the first card I made (well, since I was about 10) and the first time using the Imagine I was winging it. 

I had recently come across a photo of my sisters and I in the tub when we were kids and thought it might bring a smile to my Dad's face so decided it would be the focal point of the card.

I cut and print the outside and inside of the card on the Imagine.  I love the polka dot pattern!   The card shape with the aperture for the photo was from the Beyond Birthdays cartridge - as was the Happy Birthday text, the patterns I used were from the Imagine More cartridge.   The flowers, the speech bubble, and the red frame around the aperture were also from Imagine more.

I struggled for a while with how I'd get the text into the speech bubble - but then hit on what I thought was a genius idea! I print the caption onto a piece of plain paper from Word.  I glued (using a light-ish adhesive) the speech bubble over the caption -- this meant that when I print the caption the next time I could feed in that piece of paper and it would print onto the speech bubble.  Hurrah!!

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