Tuesday, 12 April 2011

When a knitter watches too much shopping tv....

A few weeks ago while flicking around the channels I happened across a demonstration on Create and Craft (a shopping channel) for a Cricut Imagine.

Until that moment I had never heard of Cricut.  At that point the last time I made a card was when I was in grade school.  The only paper in my house was a dog eared A4 lined pad I'd nicked from my last job.

Fast forward 4 weeks and here I am the proud (if sometimes confused) owner of Cricut Imagine.  I'm surrounded by bits of paper - different weights, patterns and textures.  I've got 4 (maybe 5!) different types of adhesive and no matter how often I wipe it down my kitchen table it still has gold glitter on it.

I've discovered of course that there is a huge online paper crafting world and have been blog hopping for inspiration and tips.  I've discovered that like the knitting world there are circles of friends who have never actually met but share ideas and experience freely -- and of course there's also lots of drama and a bit of controversy and the usual battles between afficianados of different techniques. 

Since most of my output so far has been given away (which is of course the point of cards) I've decided to blog my attempts to make the something useful or beautiful or at least interesting from my new toys. 

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