Wednesday, 20 April 2011

A Departure from Cards

Yesterday I had a break from making cards and decided to test out a new set of tools that were delivered on Monday.  As a knitter I'm always looking for nice ways to package up my gifts to make them look that little bit more special - so when I saw the Crafter's Companion Envelobox and Boxer being demoed on Create and Craft I was intrigued.

The tool are simple plastic boards which help you measure and score deep envelopes (aka Enveloboxes) and boxes witih lids without too much measuring and faff. (Unfortunately you can't get away from measuring entirely, as each Envelobox, box or lid starts with a piece of card which needs to be cut to the appropriate size.

There's a DVD which you can by to accompany the boards (why yes, I did buy it - are you surprised?) which provides basic and more advanced tutorials.  As a newbie paper crafter I really found the DVD useful - but I expect those who've been playing with paper longer than I have probably won't.

Bottom line - I think both boards will come in very handy over time.  I made the boxes and the Envelobox without too much trouble, and can see that it is something that will become even easier with a bit of experience.

Top tips I learned:
1) I need a better paper cutter - probably a guillotine.  The crafter cutter I bought at Rymans isn't great for accurate measurements, and doesn't measure longer than 6 1/4 inches!
2) Elmers glue does not lose it's glue-y-ness even after 12 years without use!  When I started to play I panicked a moment thinking I had no wet glue -- but then I remembered a bottle which has travelled with me the past 12 years which hides at the back of my desk.  Hurrah!

I do still need to figure out how to score and fold card without cracking it -- I managed it most of the time - but couldn't tell you why sometimes it cracked and sometimes it didn't!

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